Premature Infants benefit from your extra breast milk & Palmetto Health takes the extra step!

Donating your extra breast milk is simple!

  • Complete an online application
  • Complete qualification steps
  • Receive free milk storage bags
  • Ship your frozen milk using provided cooler
  • Eligible donors receive $$$ for pump reimbursement

Ready to get started?

  • Do you have more milk than your baby needs?
  • Are you and your baby in good health?
  • Are you ready to help premature babies?

What happens to your milk?

Milk is processed into nutritional products by Prolacta Bioscience

Products are shipped to NICUs around the country

Preterm babies are helped!

How does Palmetto Health and your community benefit?

The milk donations from mothers with excess breast milk are formulated into nutritional products that benefit premature babies in Palmetto Health’s NICUs.

Palmetto Heath is guaranteed a supply of safe human milk nutritional products so that preterm babies in the community receive the benefits of a 100% human milk diet.

Why did Palmetto Health partner with Prolacta Bioscience?

The Palmetto Health Donor Milk Program helps neonatal infants by providing them with the breast milk nutrition they need for proper growth and development.

Palmetto Health’s partnership with Prolacta Bioscience provides human milk to our most vulnerable newborns, while also allowing moms who have excess breast milk to donate to support premature babies in the Palmetto Health Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Prolacta has unmatched technology, safety and processing capabilities to provide human nutritional products to the most fragile premature babies.